DOCO Group Quality

All DOCO door components and garage door systems are designed and manufactured using the best and most sophisticated quality control tools.

DOCO door components are designed in accordance with the latest rules and regulations,or stated otherwise. Dimensions, tolerances, material, function and  finish are selected specifically for every product, so that every product has its own specification for use. With our sophisticated 3D modeling software we can make strength calculations (FEA analysis) which tells us how the product reacts to dynamic forces. These specifications are translated into production drawings and technical datasheets. These are used by our production facilities and secure the quality of the end product.When the first sample products are produced, they are tested and checked thoroughly at DOCO’s main office in the Netherlands.
For specific tests we design our own testing equipment. This testing equipment simulates the use of the product in real life, ensuring durability and function. During main production runs, our own trained DOCO quality control engineers carry out inspections during production and before shipment to our warehouse. When the products arrive at our central warehouse in the Netherlands, our quality engineer carries out a final product inspection to confirm compliance with the specification.

Internal tests:

  • Durability tests
    • Door test bench
    • Roller test bench
    • Spring lifetime test
  • Tensile strength (pull tests)
    • Cable Drums
    • Spring Plugs
    • Bottom brackets / cable break device
    • Steel cables
  • Safety tests, according EU standard
    • Cable break devices
    • Spring break devices
  • Roller impact fall test
  • Dimension control
    (Inspection during production and end product)
  • Surface finish control

External tests:

  • CE / ITTr tests
    (Cooperation with TÜV Germany / SP Sweden)
  • Product Standard (13241-1)
  • Wind load (EN12424/444)
  • Air Permeability  (EN12426/427)
  • Water Penetration (EN12425)
  • Thermal transmittance (EN12428)
  • Safe opening / Mechanical stability (EN12604/605)
  • Safety in use of power operated doors(EN12453/445)
  • Installation and usage of door components (EN/12635)
  • Burglary resistance ( ENV1627-1630)
  • Corrosion resistance (according EN1670/ISO 9227)
  • Hardness analysis (according ISO2639)
  • DSC Analysis of plastic parts
    (Material identification and material purity)
  • XRF analysis